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It all started In the Mid 1970's

Alfred Gruber always had a love of farming, so he bought some land in Conowingo, Maryland, and started planting Christmas trees with his then teenage son Mark.  In 1991 Mark and Mary Gruber decided that they wanted to expand the business, and purchased a dilapidated, overgrown farm in Lewisville Pennsylvania.  This farm would be named "The Old Stone Farm," the name being taken from the Revolutionary war era cemetery that is located in the middle of it.  

In 2010, after trying hard cider on a trip to England, the family decided that this up and coming beverage would make a great addition to the farm.  After several failed attempts to re-create the taste from across the pond, we discovered the heirloom apple varieties that have all but vanished from the United States, and hard cider specific apples whose flavors can hold up during the fermentation process.  Since these varieties are extremely difficult to source, the only solution was to begin growing the trees ourselves.  

After taking down and rebuilding a barn into a sales floor, planting and pruning 1200 heirloom apple trees, and experimenting with fermentation, Old Stone Cider is now open for business.